Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Take Off Your Sunglasses by Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

Once the song starts, it never lets up with its effortless back beat, contagious harmonic and rollicking vocal style.  There are no highs or lows, though the vocals become an increasingly relentless never-ending string of words.  Because of this consistency in the song's structure, the colors and shapes for this song change very little.  A combination of yellow and green geometric patterns, with more green at the bottom, and extra yellow whenever the harmonica solos. 

Because the shapes I saw were more geometric than usual, I thought this vintage coat from Urban Recycle captured the song perfectly. I was seeing many defined angles, though I couldn't distinguish the shapes, and the yellow and green were very defined, not mixing much if at all.  

I chose this painting by Henry Parsinia not for the shapes but for the colors and sense of motion.  These shades of yellow and green were the most accurate, the yellow in particular being more muted than that of the coat.  I was also struck by the feeling of constant motion created by the lines emanating from the center. The shapes I was seeing were always moving up and out of sight, to be replaced by new shapes which had emerged from the darker green bottom.  

I loved how similar this skirt by Cristina David was to the painting, so I just couldn't pass it up. The more muted colors are just right, the sense of motion is there, and the contrasting zipper that runs the entire length can even be likened to the the song's uninterrupted stream of vocals.


[Photo by Karp]

Ezra Furman's look is much like this song: completely carefree and fun.  While I certainly don't think he and his band are overly concerned with their "look," he definitely sports some very classic, youthful pieces which really work for the 23-year-old.  Jeans and a t-shirt are fairly standard.  The tees often have a funny message or image, and for a while he was most often photographed in a white one with a Smiths lyric hand-written on it in black marker.  You'll also catch him in dress shirts over the tees and, of course, a pair of retro sunglasses.  All in all, a look that is as fun and unconcerned as their great single.

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