Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Black Keys: An Unexpected Swirling Pink Delight

What I've always loved about the Black Keys is their raw, earthy sound.  It's classic and modern at the same time, a powerhouse of energy.  But when I first heard their 2010 single "Tighten Up" on the radio, I wasn't totally sure if it was them.  I loved the track instantly (was really sure it was them!), but what I was seeing as the song played was so different from what I think of when I hear their music usually.

There were heavy dark swirls spinning clockwise throughout and when the drums came in bright, hot pink flashes began to pulse and get absorbed into the swirls.  At about 2:36 when the rhythm shifts into a more traditional back beat (a heaviness that is utterly satisfying when the change occurs) the colors did not change much, but the whole swirling, pulsing scene began to flash briefly with each hit on the snare, almost like a camera going off.  Here are some great pieces I think really capture the song:

TEMPESTUOUS - 11 x 17" fine art photography print

1960s Mod Print Sleeveless Dress - Size Small/Medium  1950's Vintage Elegant Black and White Flocked-Floral Garden Sheer-Chiffon and Taffeta-Couture Sleeveless Nipped-Waist Cummerbund Ballerina-Cupcake Rockabilly Circle-Skirt Princess Back-Bow Bombshell Wedding Formal Cocktail Prom Party Dress  1970s vintage PURE SILK bohemian paisley  dress  VINTAGE POLKA DOT ANNE KLEIN BLOUSE  frolic 1990s VITNAGE slouchy floral ruffle PARTY dress size M-L  Vintage RAD PINK Tie

The first few items really express the dark, unceasing swirls.  The paisley dress I think really captures how the pink pops into the scene, and something about the print at the neckline and hem really feels like how the synth kind of fades in and out, like it reaches out into the song and then pulls back out.  The final few items really capture the pulsing rhythm of the flashes of pink, with the floral print dress really capturing how vivid it all seemed, while the tie is able to show how the pink flashes get absorbed into the dark swirling background.

Tempestuous fine art photography print by Diana Pappas $175
1960s Mod Print Sleeveless Dress from Young Hearts Vintage $64
1950s Black and White Party Dress from Timeless Vixen Vintage $300
1970s Pure Silk Bohemian Paisley Dress from Custard Heart Vintage $82
Vintage Polka Dot Anne Klein Blouse from But Momma $20
1990s Floral Party Dress from Miso Vintage $33
Vintage Rad Pink Necktie from Nick and Nessie's $15


The Black Keys (Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney) dress very much like I would've expected based on their classic blues-rock sound.  Their look is heavily based around broken-in vintage pieces particularly from the 1970s in earthy, faded colors.  It's a great look that really speaks to their musical leanings, but which again contrasts sharply with this song's visual feel, making "Tighten Up" seem all that much more unique.

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vintage plaid button up shirt xs sx  Brown Distressed Leather Buckle Boots Size 10

Vintage Horn Rimmed Glasses from Bibbys Rocket $54
Vintage Blue Sport Jacket from Swing Kats Vintage $65
Vintage Plaid Button Up Shirt from Santoki Vintage $49
Vintage Brown Distressed Leather Boots from Becky Drolen $55

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