Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amazing Comparisons

Check out these very cool color comparisons by Miss Moss.  She took photos that had been posted on the Sartorialist over the years and matched them based on color with famous paintings.  The results are stunning!

She has also done a variety of other color comparisons, taking film and fashion shots and pairing them with things such as textile prints, vintage ads, and photographs of flowers.  Here are a few of those images:

This is really a part of what I like to do here, identifying relationships between the various arts, and she's discovered such a unique way of demonstrating it with great visual impact.  To take her idea one step further, I thought I would take a few of her pairings and match them with music in the same color scheme (at least in my head!).  Hopefully it's a concise way to demonstrate what I love doing here.  So here you go, no explanations, just the images and the music.  Enjoy!


Erdem Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-To-Wear Collection
Parisian garden photo by Miss Moss
It's Oh So Quiet by Bjork

Stockholm Street Style
Portrait by Joaquin Sorlla y Bastida
Nightclubbing by Iggy Pop

Citizen Couture
Painting by Annie French
Metamorphosis One by Philip Glass



Inspired by Miss Moss's concept, here is a look based on the colors of Rene Magritte's famous painting.  I think finding a purse to correspond with the apple was the most fun!  The look overall is very classy and refined, but the fun mix of sky blue, granny smith green, and fire engine red gives it just the right whimsical touch. 

Vintage 80s Black Batwing Wool Cape Coat Blue denim, long shirt, 1970s, S-L BDG Tweed Pant
Vintage Green Purse 

Vintage 1980s black wool cape from Dreaming Neon $98
Vintage 1970s denim long shirt from Olive Green Anna $38
BDG Tweed Pant from Urban Outfitters $59
Vintage green purse from La Bolsita $33
Russian Red lipstick from MAC Cosmestics $14.50


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