Friday, December 10, 2010

Imagine by John Lennon

This is one of the earliest tracks to which I remember having a visual connection. Generally, once I've heard a song enough times and it begins to gather associations, then my visual memory of it starts to fade and be replaced. But for me, this one has never changed. It is still such a pure, blinding white with touches of grey, almost like seeing figures emerge and then disappear in a bright fog.

This photo by Victoria Bennett Beyer captures the essence of the colors, and there is a gentle flow to it which reminds me of the calm undulations of the piano.  

This dress from the Three Little Ducks boutique is another great expression of this song.  It has a soft gentleness and the grey doesn't overpower the dress or make it feel any heavier. Even the folds seem natural and organic, and the cut of the neckline is rounded so that the flow of the border is uninterrupted.

I like this sweater because the shapes capture the elusive fog-like movement of what I see. It gives a sense of the ever-evolving whispy and ghostly forms which pervade the otherwise pure white background.

Figurative and Literal Easter Lilies No. 6 photograph by Victoria Bennett Beyer $25
Evelyn dress by Three Little Ducks $160
Vintage cropped sweater from Adrian Company Vintage $24.99


There are so many iconic images of Lennon out there, that it was tough to choose a look to emulate here. I always loved this post-Beatles shot. It seems so natural, peaceful, and understated, much like this song. It is a look that feels safe and warm, making this icon who died three years before I was even born seem less like a mythical legend and more like a down-to-earth, approachable, real-life person.

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