Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jean-Luc Picard: Fashion Icon?

I happened to be watching a rerun of Star Trek: The Next Generation a few nights ago.  It was the Season 4 episode "Family" which chronicles Captain Picard's return to his childhood home in France for a vacation following his shall-we-say unfortunate experience as a Borg. I was completely caught off guard though when they cut to Picard strolling a tree-lined avenue wearing what appeared to be a version of harem pants with a pair of flat calf-high military boots.

This has been a look on women lately that I've totally been digging. Who knew Picard was so fashionable?  Just take a look at some of these shots from the past few months for great examples of the baggy trouser and boot look!

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Which begs the question, since the episode aired in the early 90s, was he (a.k.a. the costume crew) ahead of the time and a source of cutting edge fashion?  Or was he terrifyingly behind the times considering the show takes place in approximately the 2360s?  That would be the equivalent of someone today wearing leggings and a curly, powdered wig from the Baroque era, which certainly goes beyond just being "vintage" fashion! You be the judge!

The key to Picard's rustic, minamalist look is solid, earthy tones, with trousers cut loose in the hips and boots that lace-up and rise above the ankles.  Partner these with any baggy t-shirt or cotton tunic, and you're all set to stroll through the vineyards of 24th-century France!  

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