Monday, January 17, 2011

#10 Titus Andronicus: A Dirty Storm

Kicking off the visual explorations of Pitchfork's Top Ten Albums of 2010, we have Titus Andronicus's The Monitor. You can hear the opening track off this album below.

A More Perfect Union by Titus Andronicus (2010)

My impression of this track was very raw and dirty, which can mostly be attributed to the vocals, but I also think the opening recording of a Lincoln speech predisposed me to sepia tones and there's a certain earthy energy to the guitar solo. I couldn't shake the feeling of seeing an open expanse of cracked mud and a stormy, electric night sky. The sky was in constant motion, shifting and popping, but so was the barren muddy earth, with new cracks constantly appearing. Here are some pieces that reflect this particular song.

Clarity under the Clouds -- 6x9-inch Fine Art Print  Drought Absract2  8x10 Print
Clarity under the Clouds 6x9 print by Steven Kosek $20
Drought Abstract 2 8x10 print by True Story Photography $22

 90's Different Shades of Grey Striped Sleeveless Dress 
Vintage 1990s grey striped sleeveless dress from WELTENBUERGER $38
Stuart Weitzman pumps in iridescent black and metallics from Stephanie Press Vintage $35


As the only female member of Titus Andronicus, Amy Klein (guitar and violin) is very aware of the role women play in rock. Her blog article entitled "Tour Diary Day Four: Rock and Roll is Dead" is a great read, especially for women in bands or working in any of the other arts.  Here's a snippet:

What we’re doing when we exclude women from rock and roll, and from the sense 
of rebellion that rock and roll promises, is disallowing women that independent 
perspective. We’re never giving them the chance to think critically about the 
world, and about the systems that oppress them. When we take women out of the 
arts, and take them out of art’s ability to critique the way things are, 
we’re making sure that women keep swallowing the status quo...

So here's today's look, based on Amy Klein. She's perhaps not a fashion icon, but her look is real and honest, and above all functional.  The key is to keep the arms free and comfortable for plenty of wailing on that guitar and violin, and incorporate pieces from the '90s.

Vintage leaf print grunge mini S/XS  On Sale For Only 30 - Size 8 Black Leather Ankle Lace Up Fold Over Grunge Granny Booties 1980s 1990s - Free Domestic Shipping  Tribianni 90s Light Wash Denim Vest
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