Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bored to Death's Maritime Oasis


Watched another episode of the HBO series Bored to Death tonight. Starring Jason Schwartzman, Zak Galifianakis, and Ted Danson in his best role ever, it's a show I've really been enjoying, love the quirky humor. This episode ("I've Been Living Like a Demented God!") was great, but I actually found myself distracted by the extraordinary New York hotel used in a number of shots.

It's the Maritime Hotel, located in the meatpacking district, which was designed by architect Albert Ledner (a student of Frank Lloyd Wright's) in the 1960s as a residence and training center for employees of the National Maritime Union. The most striking feature is the building's massive round cruise ship windows in which Danson is cradled at the beginning of an episode. There are many other features of this hotel which make it remarkable, and you can learn about all of them at Hotelier International.


There's a cool brief post about shooting this particular hotel for the show posted by Brad Carpenter, which you can read here.

Suffice it to say, I found this peaceful modernist oasis floating over views of NYC to be inspiring this evening. I imagine sitting in one of those windows would be calming, like you're gliding over the city with no cares while someone else is at the helm steering the ship. It really was the perfect setting for this episode, with Danson delivering some uncharacteristically poignant lines (don't worry, no spoilers here!). Anyways, here I thought I'd share a few items that give me a similarly calm feel, like something else is running the show and I'm just along for the ride. All inspired by the Maritime Hotel.

pale ocean . fine art print
pale ocean fine art print by Belinda Kemp $20

POLKA DOTS SKIRT............................ Cotton chiffon airy skirt......................... SALE (usual price is 99.-)
Polka dots skirt by JEN $69

Hanging AirPlant Pod (tm) - Gorgeous Glossy White
Hanging air plant pod by mudpuppy $32


forever 21 shirt - H&M pants - H&M boots Zara pants 
Zara blazer black lindex jeans - black unknown boots - blue BikBok top - black unknown acces
yellow vintage 70s jacket - black stripe thrifted top - navy sailor vintage pant blue blazer - white t-shirt - blue skirt - white purse - gold accessories

So after seeing this fabulous hotel, I decided to feature some recent maritime looks.  Below you'll find some great pieces to make your own maritime look, in a more modern, minimalist palette reflecting the exterior of the hotel.  The most essential pieces, in my opinion, being the sailor stripes and the maritime blazer.  Hope you enjoy!

grey blazer-aryn k knit blazer  grey stripes-t by alexander wang paneled stripe tank t alexander wang
Image 4 of ASOS Leather Pleat Front Shorts  Large Circles Canvas Tote in Grey

Aryn K. knit blazer from Piperlime $95
T by Alexander Wang paneled stripe tank from Nordstrom $44
Leather pleat front shorts by ASOS $95
Large circles canvas tote in grey by The Lime Shop $32

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