Wednesday, January 12, 2011

El Guincho's Musical Street Art

This track by El Guincho is so vibrant and colorful, in my mind it was full of angular flashes of colors, particularly yellow, pink, and purple, with shifting dotted lines that went throughout.  All in all, there was a sense of delightful chaos which immediately reminded me of some of the amazing graffiti I've seen over the years.  Here are some pieces of art and other items which I think express this great dance track so well.

Bombay from the 2010 album Pop Negro by El Guincho

Paris Street Art 1 - 8 x 10 Photograph
Paris Street Art 1 8x10 photograph by Vita Nostra $20

Red calf Madison boots by Christian Laboutin $480

SALE...80s Alfred Dunner Grunge Abstract Top XS S
Vintage 1980s Alfred Dunner grunge abstract top from erstwhile style $24

For other great graffiti shots, check out the photos of ANTONYZ on Etsy.  Really colorful works, full of energy. Highly recommended, recently opened shop.


Pablo Diaz-Reixa, the musician behind El Guincho, has a great urban casual look which can work really well on women.  The key is vibrant colors, one-of-a-kind t-shirts, and grey hoodies.  It's a fun look emphasizing freedom of movement and complex urban appeal which speaks strongly to his musical creations.

ON SALE Mushrooms Of the World Women's Creme Graphic Tee Shirt  BDG Twill Grazer Cigarette Pant - Red
View Product  Diesel Exposure Leather Garment Dyed Low Trainer
Mushrooms of the World creme graphic tee by Critter Jitters $20
BDG twill grazer cigarette pant from Urban Outfitters on sale for $29
Neue Cyril zip-up hoodie from Urban Outfitters $79
Diesel exposure leather garment dyed low trainer from ASOS $155

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