Tuesday, February 1, 2011

#1 Kanye West: Undulations in Grey and Black

Wrapping up my look at Pitchfork's top ten album of 2010 we have what should come as no surprise to many: Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This album was the number one album on countless lists, and rightfully so. If you haven't heard it yet, definitely give it a listen. Unfortunately audio clips were hard to come by online, so there's no clip below, but you can still find my visual and fashion connections below which will reflect the entire album. Enjoy!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
by Kanye West (2010)
Brief audio clips available at Amazon.

Visually, this album was pretty extraordinary. There was great cohesion, a sort of backdrop that flowed throughout, and in front of that there were subtle changes from track to track, mainly a result of the guest artists whose different vocal styles and timbres added different layers and colors. The general backdrop was a deep ashen color, variations of grey, with pulsing black waves which had a sheen like burnt wood the day after a fire. These deep colors seemed to undulate and intertwine throughout the album, sometimes with more pulse but usually very gentle, smooth, and flowing.

Waves 8x10 Image unmounted
Waves 8x10 photograph
Grey and black long Cardigan
Grey and Black Long Cardigan

Sand Patterns - 8x10 Black and White Fine Art Photograph
Sand Patterns 8x10 photograph

Modern Ruffles Slate Grey Blouse
Modern Ruffles Slate Grey Blouse

Just to give a sense of the colors that wove their way into the backdrop, here are some items representative of specific tracks. Monster, which features Jay-Z and many others, adds muted olive greens and browns to the mix, almost like camouflage. 

Richter III - 12 x 12 Fine Art Print of Original Contemporary Abstract Painting - Free US Shipping
Richter III print of original abstract painting
by Studio Marlene $12

Vintage casual green and brown leather TOMBOY style OXFORDS, size 8.5, EUR 39
Vintage Brown and Green Tomboy Style Oxfords
from Beta Boutique $44

Runaway, featuring Pusha T, has this unique opening piano line which is almost threatening at the beginning in it's plodding regularity. By the end of the track a more clearly defined major key tonality develops, and suddenly the piano seems brighter and more uplifting. It's interesting to see how the opening, enveloped in ominous maroons among the ashen waves, shifts into light lavenders.

TEMPEST - red sea storm painting by Tina-M
Tempest original painting
by Tina Mammoser $640

Handmade 1980s Drip Dyed Wine Purple Charcoal Gray Sheer Silk Scarf 62" Rectangle signed M. Lesley
Vintage 1980s Silk Scarf
from Kim Vintage $20

That concludes my look at Pitchfork's top ten albums of 2010. I'll return to looking at relationships between music, art, and fashion tomorrow based on whatever inspires me that particular day. But let me know if you have requests!  A particular artist you'd like to see featured? Just leave a comment a let me know! Thanks!



Kanye West has a pretty well-chronicled fashion evolution that brought him to his current designer-suit-at-all-times look. He's become a regular at fashion events, and this past fall was seen at the Rodarte spring 2011 show which was one of my personal favorites of New York fashion week. He has made efforts to single-handedly alter the look of the hip hop world with his "Rosewood movement" (hence the suits).  And though it may not be catching on among other artists, West is honestly one of the best dressed male celebrities around these days. Here are some pieces to help capture his look, without the thousand dollar price tag.

Image 1 of ASOS Power Shoulder Tailored Boyfriend Blazer Vintage Louis Vuitton Damier Tote
fashion sneakers white-adidas originals womens forum mid comfort fashion sneaker 
Power Shoulder Tailored Boyfriend Blazer by ASOS $112
Vintage Louis Vuitton Damier Tote from Fashion Forward $99
Adidas Originals Forum Mid Fashion Sneaker from Endless $60
Raglan Knit Top from Forever 21 $10

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