Thursday, January 27, 2011

#3 Deerhunter: Atmospheric Lightness in Pastels

So we're finally down to the last three top albums of 2010 as chosen by the editors at Pitchfork.  Today we have #3, Deerhunter's Halcyon Digest. There is tremendous variety here, but also great cohesiveness. The album works as an indivisible unit, each track almost functions as a reaction or response to the previous one, which made it especially difficult to choose a single track on which to focus.  As a result, here you'll find some of the tracks I mention just to give you a general sample from the album and a collection of art works and fashion pieces which really encompass the whole album rather than one particular track.

Selections from Deerhunter's Halcyon Digest (2010):


"Memory Boy"

"He Would Have Laughed"

My overwhelming visual response to the album was one of an atmospheric lightness. There was a startlingly uplifting feel to all the imagery, which caught me off guard because the opening track "Earthquake" begins in such a sparse and somber fashion before building in energy. The colors were soft: sky blues, rosy pinks, vanilla whites. Tracks that leaned more towards a garage pop sounds had infusions of a bright but earthy green, like blades of grass, particularly the track "Memory Boy." At times there were shadows of thin shapes like tree branches stretching upwards, at other times ethereal floating orbs which would also rise and sometimes pop like during the track "He Would Have Laughed."

Into the Mystic -  Fine Art Photography . Mystical grove of trees with sparkly sunlight  . 8x8  BOGO sale
Into the Mystic photograph
by Honeytree Photography $28

70s Ethereal GALLOPING Horses & ROSES Sweater Vest
Vintage 1970s Horses and Roses Sweater Vest
from Freestyle Vintage Co. $25

Sunlit  Summer Dreams - ethereal flowers surrounded by dancing bokeh and warm sunlight - A magical photograph - a Fine Art Nature Print (8x8)
Sunlit Summer Dreams photograph
by Raceytay $30

Ethereal Floral Yellow Garden Party Dress - M/L
Vintage Floral Yellow Garden Party Dress
from Bellflower Vintage $49

Abstract Grass: The Lawn - 8x10 Print
Abstract Grass: The Lawn 8x10 print
by Robert Hogan $20

Cloud dress - green silk
Cloud Dress in green silk
by Caldi Design $190

Winter Warmth
Winter Warmth photograph
by Sara Montague Miller $15

vintage Peter Pan Collar Pastel Stripe Dress Sz S M
Vintage Peter Pan Collar Dress
from Jess Amity $19


This band works a very casual cool look that still manages to appear well put together. There are a variety of striped tees, jeans that lean towards the skinnier cut without being terrifyingly so, and a variety of accessories that allow each band member to have their own unique perspective while allowing the band to maintain a cohesive look overall. Here are some great pieces to help you get your own Deerhunter look.

Slinky Striped Black and White Stretch Tee Sears Denim Super Jeeper Sneakers FREE SHIPPING
Antiqued Brass Feather Necklace BDG Ankle Cigarette Jean - Teal
Vintage Slinky Striped Black and White Stretch Tee from Sweet Crocodile $15
Vintage Sears Denim Super Jeeper Sneakers from Street Cred Thread $24
Antiqued Brass Feather Necklace by Cute Ability $18
BDG Ankle Cigarette Jean in Teal from Urban Outfitters $54

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