Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#4 Big Boi: Glowing Embers and Yellow Sparks

Today we have Pitchfork's #4 album of 2010, Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot...The Son of Chico Dusty. There's a lot of great variety on this album, so I chose to focus on this track because it evoked some of the most intense colors.

"Hustle Blood"
by Big Boi (2010)

The song was very dark, with an inky black background. When Jamie Foxx's vocals come in, a little pool of red forms at the bottom, almost like a slowly shifting pile of dying embers. This strip of glowing red is maintained throughout the entire song and just slowly undulates at the bottom of the image, though I'd say it becomes more faint when Big Boi's voice enters.

Blazing Sunset

Blazing Sunset

1950s vintage CREWEL EMBROIDERED wool dress
Vintage 1950s Crewel Embroidered Wool Dress
from Custard Heart Vintage $89

The drum beats add another dimension to the image with their regularity. With each pulse, particularly the snare hits, it's as if thin lines shoot up in the background of the image, not really in a different color but more three-dimensionally. It's like the above image is cloth, and narrow sticks are quickly pushed up under it and then taken away.

Underside of a Mushroom - Original Mezzotint LIMITED ED. OF 15

Underside of a Mushroom
by mezzotint $85

Make Me Brave Top
Make Me Brave Top
by iheartfink $70

My favorite part of this track is the amazing electric guitar part. It's maintained throughout the entire track in variations, sometimes it seems to drift more into the background, at other times to come more forward. It looks like bright yellow sparks which blur into drooping lines and only appear in the upper right of the black and red image.

fast food- original 5x7 photograph

Fast Food original photograph
by sharpobjects $12

60s Vera Sun Rays Silk Scarf Ladybug Label Large Rare
Vintage 1960s Vera sun rays silk scarf
from Joules Vintage $75


Big Boi sports a variety of looks, from classic street hip-hop to designer 1920s-inspired suits. I decided to take his look at it's most basic and combine some of these elements for a great women's look. Enjoy!

Classic Old School Aviator Sunglasses . Tortoise Shell with Gold black fedora women-kingsley hat
black coat-marc new york chocolate poly double bib belted down coat black silver boot-elizabeth and james metaloverlay suede ankle boots

Vintage aviator sunglasses from Recycle Buy Vintage $15
Kingsley Hat by Rag & Bone $160
Marc New York black down coat from Bluefly $142
Elizabeth and James metal-overlay suede boot from Saks Fifth Avenue $425 

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